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Lifetime Patient System™

We are The Family Practice, your premium partner in practice alignment and patient education. We know you're busy and don't have time to create all the resources you need, search for solutions or patch things together; yet you want to stay fresh and consistently attract more lifetime patients. Let us take care of that for you so you can let go. It's our passion and we're very good at it. We promise!


We will instantly immerse your practice in The 100 Year Lifestyle Paradigm to shift the conversation of your practice, create more lifetime patients and stand out in your community.


We will deliver lifetime patient creating content to your practice in waves that attracts more people who need chiropractic care to heal as well as more people who want to live life to the fullest - regardless of their age.


Speak simply, directly and consistently to the people in a language that gets them to value your care now and for a lifetime. More will say yes. More will say thank you. More will refer and more doors will open. You'll love that!

Training 24/7

We will equip you and your team with the nuts, bolts, tools and training to transition more new and existing patients to Lifestyle Care with ease, stabilizing your business and accelerating your growth.

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$499 / month

Five Year Subscription

That's only $16.40 a day

  • Lifetime Patient Immersion
  • Education & Marketing
  • Simplified Procedures
  • Website & Content
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$599 / month

Three Year Subscription

That's only $19.69 per day

  • Lifetime Patient Immersion
  • Education & Marketing
  • Simplified Procedures
  • Website & Content
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LP Connection

$179 / month

Experience Success

Monthly Subscription

  • Expand Your Vision
  • Inspire Your Practice
  • DC & CA Training
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Our Doctors are saying...

Last Year was my best year ever, again, and The Lifetime Patient System has made the difference. The 100 Year Lifestyle, Lifestyle Care, educational model has helped me reposition my practice out of the symptom trap and present Lifestyle Care to all patients regardless of their condition and they are committing. They are paying. They value their care and they love our office. We are primed for our current year being even better.
Dr. Shepherd Dr. Shepherd
Since getting the Lifetime Patient System, our clinic has grown significantly. More importantly, the positive impact we're making on our community has greatly increased! The LPS makes it easy to communicate the importance of chiropractic care as a lifestyle. The materials such as The 100 Year Lifestyle PowerPoints, up to date newsletters, and modern website platform have saved us a lot of time while helping us become better leaders. I highly recommend the LPS to any chiropractor who wants to create a legacy of healthy generations in their practice.
Dr. Kohut Dr. Kohut
The LPS has dramatically changed the way I approach my business and my life. I have grown tremendously and solidified my foundation as a chiropractor, business owner and leader in my community. Thank you for paving the way for us, making practice easier for us and putting chiropractic at the forefront of healthcare! I am excited to be a part of the vision and look forward to seeing what is next.
Dr. Goodrich Dr. Goodrich

What Doctors Are Doing!

Dr Coxon - Fort Mill SC

Dr Coxon

4 Years - Balance
Fort Mill, SC
Dr Batterton - Houston TX

Dr Batterton

7 Years - Gives Back
Houston, TX
Dr Handt - New York NY

Dr Handt

6 Years - More Freedom
New York, NY
Dr Melendez - Cardiff by the Sea, CA

Dr Melendez

6 Years - Adding DCs
Cardiff by the Sea, CA