The Lifetime Patient System™

If you want to grow your practice with more lifetime patients and reduce the number of people that drop out of care, you’ll love the (LPS) Lifetime Patient System™!

The Lifetime Patient System is a game-changer that provides your practice with congruent, first class resources that are required for success, all in one place and seamlessly packaged to increase your results, simplify your life and grow your practice by filling it with Lifetime patients!

The cohesive resources in the Lifetime Patient System will save you thousands of dollars and dozens of hours because EVERYTHING YOU NEED is packaged together. And the results will be better! You will love it!

Can One Company Really Provide YOU Better Results than Seven?

YES! Here is a list of resources in The Lifetime Patient System compared to other hodgepodge programs and products. We invite you to follow our transition plan and settle into this highly profitable, stress-free, fun and fulfilling chiropractic practice. Then go spend more time with your family!

The Lifetime Patient System Chart

* Payment plans as low as $499/Month
* Special Pricing For New Doctors

The benefits of the Lifetime Patients System includes:

  • Increased NP
  • Increased Profit
  • Increased Referral Base
  • Simple Transition
  • Focused Energy
  • Increased Patient Compliance
  • Practice Growth
  • Congruent System
  • Reduced Overhead
  • Increased Free-Time

  • Losing patients is costing you dearly!

    Many doctors are filling their practices with inactive files rather than lifetime patients. Their current system or lack thereof is perpetuating this problem every day. This is extremely expensive and can also be disheartening. Plus, inactive patients don’t pay anything and rarely refer-even if they like you.

    More importantly, many of these people feel better from their care and then disappear only to deteriorate more comfortably. With the LPS many of them will choose to stay under care and benefit for a lifetime.

    If only twenty percent of your inactive patients were still under care your practice would be much more fun and much more profitable than it is right now. And...

    • Your referral base would be larger
    • Your office energy would be higher and more fun
    • Your team would be more inspired
    • Your profit would be greater which is super exciting

    A Relevant Message – No Hard Sell Necessary

    The 100 Year Lifestyle delivers an attractive chiropractic message that speaks to the hearts and minds of the people. The LPS communicates this message inside and outside your practice encouraging more people to utilize chiropractic as a part of their lifestyle whether they have symptoms or not.

    You will get the tools and training needed to give patients options without hard-selling. This makes attracting new patients more fun and profitable. Your CAs can even learn to do the ROF as effectively as the doctor.

    The LPS includes many of the similar resources that chiropractors and CAs are already using - only it’s substantially more effective and gives you much more bang for your buck. It includes additional tools, technologies and training resources that you need but don’t know they exist or you think they are too pricey.

    With the Lifetime Patient System, everything is seamless, fresh, all in one place and available to you immediately.

    Whether you’re an established practice or a brand new one, the LPS includes everything you and your team need to...

    • Grow your practice and profit by creating more new patients and more lifetime patients
    • Simplify your procedures to increase capacity and patient compliance
    • Maintain a highly trained, productive team
    • Create more value for your chiropractic care
    • Generate more lifetime patient referrals systematically
    • Educate patients from Pre-Day 1 to their 100th visit and beyond
    • Reduce the number of patients that drop out of care
    • Become less dependent on insurance
    • Stabilize your cash flow through lifetime patients and create more financial freedom


    What do I get with the Lifetime Patient System?

    • Internal and external marketing resources to attract more committed new patients
    • Transition Plan for Your Current Patients
    • Care Plan Protocols and Presentation Training
    • Lifestyle Care Communication for Key Procedures and Daily Visits
    • Referral Generating Procedures, Articles and Newsletters
    • Personalized 100 Year Lifestyle Website, Social Media Banners, Articles and Posting Content
    • Patient Lectures, PowerPoints and Education videos
    • Screening tools and resources
    • Lifetime Patient Report of Findings and Re-exams
    • Reactivation Letters , Postcards and Communication
    • Office Efficiency Procedures
    • DC and CA Training and Support

    What makes the Lifetime Patient System so effective?

    • A relevant, bestselling branded message that speaks to people’s core values
    • Shifts and enhances the conversation of your practice
    • Everything builds on everything system
    • Impeccably packaged from website to 100th visit of care
    • Can be seamlessly implemented by Associate Doctors and CAs
    • Proven, time tested results
    • It’s all put together and ready to easily implement

    Designed and built by The Family Practice where for nearly 20 years we’ve been able to duplicate success for thousands of doctors who have grown collectively by over half a billion dollars delivering high integrity lifetime, chiropractic care.

    What if my practice is personality based?

    The LPS resources will help you set up your practice to run well without you-giving you more freedom to enjoy your life and expand your life vision.

    Think about it. How long have you been under chiropractic care? Will you, your family and your team be under care for the rest of your life? Would you like more of your patients to utilize chiropractic care in this manner, appreciate you, and be happy to pay for the care regardless of who the doctor is? This is the power of the LPS.

    Isn’t it time to stop trying to do everything yourself? Free yourself from the personality trap!

    Get the LPS so you can build your practice and spend more quality time with your family.

    Will the LPS work if I want to see kids in my practice?

    Absolutely, YES! We’re The Family Practice!

    The posters, newsletters, social media, web content, books, patient education and marketing campaigns are all designed to attract as many kids and families into your practice as you would like to see. We have turn-key programs in place to get you into the schools, sports teams, PTAs and Parent Groups along with companies and organizations where there are parents and grandparents looking for healthy solutions for their Children.

    The choice is yours. Decide how many kids you want to see and go to work. We’ve streamlined the process and will provide you an accelerator pedal.

    Will I have to give up my brand or identity?

    Of course not! This is not a franchise. We will not take a percentage of your business, your income or your growth. You invest in the LPS and keep all your profits. You will use The 100 Year Lifestyle resources to help your practice stand out as a leader.

    In nearly every community, the bigger medical brands and Doc in the Box clinics are opening up on every corner. The doctor’s shingles have moved to the inside of the buildings and the brand names are on the outside. Many DCs feel like a small fish in a growing health care ocean and it’s getting harder and harder to stand out in the crowd.

    When you get the LPS with The 100 Year Lifestyle message, you will be part of something bigger than yourself which makes you a much bigger fish.

    What Training and Support is Available?

    With the LPS, you’ll gain access to the largest database of chiropractic practice building, coaching and personal development training in the profession - with one objective; to develop you and your team to reach your highest level goals and fill your practice with lifetime patients.

    We’ve taken nearly every chiropractic coaching and training situation we’ve experienced in the past twenty years and made the answers available in the LPS so you can access them whenever you want and as often as you want.

    The training will guide you from whatever level your practice is now, to the highest level you’d like to achieve. Training resources include...

    • Live Weekly Training Webinars with Q & A Support
    • 24/7/365 Access to the Affiliate Hub
    • Business and Practice Management Training
    • Procedure, Efficiency and Capacity Training
    • Leadership, Philosophy and Personal Development
    • Associate Doctor and Staff Training
    • Much more!

    The Family Practice values service! Support is available through...

    • Live Weekly Training with Q & A
    • 24/7/365 access to all the LPS resources
    • Access to Facebook Affiliate Group for support
    • Email and Phone Support

    Do I have to drop everything I’m doing to implement the LPS?

    While some doctors choose to do this, it’s not necessary and we usually don’t recommend it. We have a Transition Plan in place for you, your staff and even your patients to optimize your implementation, growth and results.

    What if I already use social media and marketing resources that I like?

    Great. The fresh, congruent marketing package in the LPS will help you stand out in your community, generate more internal referrals, and get into companies, organizations and schools to attract more lifetime patients. It also helps build your online and social media presence, all with a focused message that matches the inside of your practice perfectly to attract and create as many lifetime patients as possible. What a boost this is for a practice!

    What if I already have a website?

    Great! We can easily link your current site with your new 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate site. Another option is to direct your domain name to the website we provide with the LPS, so you can drop your current website and save money if you prefer. You’re going to want your patients to connect online to the Pre-Day 1 and ongoing education that’s a part of the LPS. If you and your team follow our simple web marketing strategy, your 100 Year Lifestyle website can be extremely productive for your practice, helping to attract and create lifetime patients without spending a penny on SEO!

    There’s so much value in LPS, I’m not sure I will implement everything?

    The LPS is not designed for you to do everything at once. And this is not necessary. Every 10% that you use has the capability to bring you a huge return on your investment. As you grow, you will be able to focus your energy on the available resources to overcome challenges, simplify your practice, strengthen your team, master your skills and market to different niches in your community as you also increase your business acumen.

    We’ve anticipated your needs! Some of the resources that are available to you may not be relevant to your practice today but you’ll be able to access and use these resources when the time is right without having to shift the direction or vision of your practice. This will be a big relief and save you a lot of money and stress down the road.

    How do I get started?

    You’ll gain access to the entire LPS, the moment you decide to commit. Everything! We do not drip you along, nickel and dime you or try to up sell you constantly.

    When you are ready we will email you an agreement to sign and send back, process your first payment and grant you access to the Affiliate Hub usually within an hour.

    You’ll receive passwords, emails and phone calls from our team so we can guide you to a successful start right away!

    You will use as much of the LPS as you want at any given moment in time depending on the size of your practice, your team and your goals. As you grow, you will find all the resources and support needed to take you to the next level, and then the next, without having to shift the direction or conversation of your practice. You will be able to keep your focus to achieve the highest level of practice you desire.

    Isn’t time you stop losing so many patients and start filling your practice with lifetime patients?

    Let’s go to work. You will love it.

    Fill Your Practice With Lifetime Patients. Implement the Lifetime Patient System today!

    Call our office at 866-532-3327 ext. 109 or Click Here and we will contact you to get you started, answer your questions and give you an Online Personal Tour.

    “Last year we were up another $100,000 over our previous high the year before and we’ve transitioned to 85-90% cash. The combination of simplicity, congruency, resources and message in the LPS are amazing. We love working with The Family Practice.”
    Drs. Melendez, CA

    The Lifetime Patient System provides you and your team with congruent Chiropractic Patient Education, Chiropractic Marketing, Chiropractic Coaching and Training, Chiropractic Office Procedure, Chiropractic Website, Chiropractic Social Media Content, Chiropractic Business and Chiropractic Practice Management - all with a focus that attracts and creates committed lifetime patients who value your care, refer more people and stay for a lifetime.