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Dr Todd & Beth Muncy

“This branding, communication, tools and resources in the LPS takes chiropractic to a whole new level. It allows us to get out of our heads and serve from our hearts. I've known Dr. Plasker for close to a decade and the philosophy of The Family Practice makes so much sense. We are surpassing our goals and serving more people, while having more fun!”
Dr. Batterton
“Last Year was my best year ever, again, and The 100 Year Lifestyle has made the difference. The Lifetime Patient System has allowed me to reposition my practice to a congruent standard of chiropractic tenets. It has brought me out of the symptom-based trap and helps our team present the connection to Lifestyle Care to all patients regardless of their condition and they are committing. They are paying. They value their care and they love our office. We are primed for current year being even better than ever.”
Dr. Shepherd

Dr Cathy Wendland-Colby

Drs Melendez Building A Life

“Our office is shattering previous highs with 3 record setting years in a row. Our patients and community are becoming healthier and they LOVE The 100 Year Lifestyle.”
Dr. Buckley
“Since getting the Lifetime Patient System, our clinic has grown significantly. More importantly, the positive impact we're making on our community has greatly increased! The System makes it easy to communicate our vision at the clinic. The materials such as power-point presentations, up to date newsletters, and a modern website platform have saved us a lot of time and effort, while helping us to become the health care leaders in our community. I highly recommend the LPS to any chiropractor who wants to create a legacy of healthy generations in their practice.”
Dr. Kohut
“The Family Practice and The 100 Year Lifestyle have dramatically changed the way I approach my business and my life. I have grown tremendously and solidified my foundation as a chiropractor, business owner and leader through my community. Thank you for paving the way for us and putting chiropractic at the forefront of healthcare! I am excited to see what is next.”
Dr. Goodrich
“It's only been 30 DAYS since implementing the Lifetime Patient System and IT'S WORKING GREAT! We are growing already! Our patients are excited and we are getting Yes! responses without being pushy or high-pressure sales. Our office has been energized with the message, congruency and resources. This is the real deal!”
Dr. Rodrock
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